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Effective Immediately: Scotty Doesn’t Know You Core Feature Disabled

Posted By: Scott Sousa

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No More Automated Replies

Well it’s come to this (for now only, I hope). Effective immediately, I am disabling replies from @scott to users who mention my name on Twitter. Unfortunately The Wrong Scott Bot (see below) was suspended almost immediately last night after enabling replies on that account. I know it was suspended for violating these terms. I’ve come to a point where I don’t want my personal Twitter account to be overwhelmed with replies anymore. I’m looking forward to getting back on track with regular tweeting. This site will still serve as a place to see my mentions but it will not automatically reply to anyone as of today.

Some Quick Stats

  • Visits from 82 different countries
  • I wont share the visitor numbers but 38.62% of traffic was direct
  • 13,500+ tweets captured (this will continue to rise as the site continues)
  • Nearly 8,000 replies served

Goodbye for Now

I was hoping to change the functionality of this site yesterday, however, I feel it is just best to disable the replies so I can get back on track. Here’s a copy of the draft I was writing last night:

It’s been a fun 2 years so far

I launched this website back in September of 2010. Little did I know, this site would serve nearly 8,000 tweets (replies) in that time. Some people like this idea and some people absolutely hate it. Whether you like the app or not, I feel that now is the time to change a few things. My career is evolving as well as my goals for my Twitter account. I’ll be tweeting more about web design and development as well as my personal happenings in the near future.

The Wrong Scott Bot

Back in 2010 I didn’t expect to serve nearly 8k tweets in 2 years. Unfortunately this oversight has caused my Twitter feed (@scott) to be loaded with a bunch of replies that resemble spam. I’ve recently received mentions that fall within two categories. I’d consider the first to be honest, and somewhat true: “This seems like a pretty poor use of the Twitter handle @Scott  (Dude in New Bedford, Mass.)”. The other type of mention shows that the service was of some use: “actually i sure did, appreciate the heads up!”.

My Twitter feed is flooded with responses and it is time for a change. For the time being, I am not shutting down this app, I am just changing it. I have created The Wrong Scott Bot (@wrongscottbot) which will be handling all of these mentions from now on. This will allow for at least 2 things with @scott: 1) my feed will not be cluttered with replies, and 2) my feed will now be filled with information and relevant responses only (yes, I’ll be tweeting more often).

No more double mentions

I’ve set up the app to now respond only once to everyone on Twitter. There will be no more double or triple responses. You’ll only get 1 mention from now on (test this functionality if you’d like).

More updates soon?

As my career has progressed, I’ve gotten more and more busy. I have some great ideas for this site/app, but those will have to wait a bit. I do plan on updating the functionality but I fear it will be a while until I find the time to do so (hopefully Twitter is just as popular then).

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